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August 24th - 28th, 2022 52 Days Until The Fair!

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 Our Location
Caledonia County Fair
1 Fairground Road | Mountain View Park
Lyndonville, VT 05851  


Host your next function or event at our amazing facility.

Contact Larry Ruggles for more information at [email protected]

2016 CCF Superintendant List

Activity Superintendant Phone # Email
President Richard Lawrence 802-626-5917
Vice President Chris Vance 802-777-3599 [email protected]
Secretary Nancy Goodwin 802-535-9015 [email protected]
Treasurer Kimberly Brown 802-535-5637 [email protected]
4-H Exhibit Holly Ferris 802-888-4972-410 [email protected]
Antique and Tractor Display Marcia Jenkins-Davis 802-626-0783 [email protected]
Arts & Crafts- Floral Hall Kathy Stetson 802-626-5089 [email protected]
Auction- Sponsorships Pam Sanderson 802-626-3793 [email protected]
Cal Co Farm Bureau Animal Barn Jeff Houde 802-274-7957 [email protected]
Cattle Dan LaCoss 802-274-4768 [email protected]
Calvacade Kelly Murray 802-535-7226 [email protected]
Camping Larry Norrie 802-274-7802 [email protected]
Children's Barnyard Scott Gilman 802-626-8436 [email protected]
Concessions Chris Vance 802-777-3599 [email protected]
Demo Derby Toby Lussier 802-535-9567 [email protected]
Power Wheels Demo Scott Davis 802-535-1882 [email protected]
Entertainment/Advertising Ben Gates 802-535-5579 [email protected]
4x4 Truck Pull Craig Vance 802-274-0060 [email protected]
Goats, Sheep & Swine Carolyn Morrison 802-535-7305 [email protected]
Gymkhana Brenda Tanner 802-535-4991 [email protected]
Horse & Pony Pulling Hayden Tanner 802-535-7987 [email protected]
Horse Show Trisha Switser 802-535-9637 [email protected]
Maple Jeff Goodwin 802-748-2709 [email protected]
Maintenance Dennis LaCoss 802-535-6557
Ox Pulling Alex Allen 802-424-7482 [email protected]
Ox Show Keith Gadapee 802-745-7706 [email protected]
Poultry Ryan DeGreenia 802-673-9013 [email protected]
Rabbit Pearl Stuart 802-473-2219 [email protected]
Fairgrounds Rental Larry Ruggles 802-274-2478 [email protected]
Tractor Pulls Ben Gates 802-535-5579 [email protected]


1 Fairground Road Mountain View Park Lyndonville, VT 05851 802-626-3539 (During Fair Only) 802-748-4208 (Rest of year)
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