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August 21 - 25, 2019 -4 Days Until The Fair!



September 1st: Fred Kidder II
September 2nd: Dale Wells
September 3rd: John Rapoza
September 4th: Mike Dekoeyer
September 5th: Ed Keene
September 6th: John Prue
September 7th: Warner Hodgdon
September 8th: Jason Gray
September 9th: Joe Breidenstein
September 10th: Jason Carpenter
September 11th: Mark Jefferson
September 12th Joe Dauphin
September 13th Donna LaCoss
September 14th David Schneider
September 15th Ricky Thompson
September 16th Terry Howland
September 17th Scott Davis Jr.
September 18th Eddie Brown
September 19th Joe Dauphin
September 20th Troy Rainey
September 21st Guy Grenier
September 22nd Aaron Loura.
September 23rd Mark Valois
September 24th Jason Gray
September 25th Dona Smith
September 26th Daniel Michaud
September 27th Larry Farnham
September 28th Matt Young
September 29th Kevin Keith
September 30th Steve Crown



1 Fairground Road Mountain View Park Lyndonville, VT 05851 802-626-3539 (During Fair Only) 802-748-4208 (Rest of year)
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